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Fairies and Dragons of the Desolate Plain

Mabel and Anna Lawrenson want to stop the war and prove that fairies are real.

Letters from their father fill them with hope, however as danger comes closer to home, they must face the horrors of the First World War alone.

Using a combination of found poetry and songs, woven into an original play, NYT return with their trademark combination of quality storytelling, playfulness and touches of simple magic to tell a powerful tale.

The Bee Man of Orn

Following our seventh consecutive year with a five star review we return with a brand new family play based on this wonderful philosophical story by Frank R Stockton.

Written over one hundred years ago, The Bee Man of Orn is a journey of self discovery for a man whose only friends are bees, as he tires to discover who he once was.

Reinvented and reinvigorated, we turn our rambunctious style of ensemble storytelling to this classic tale, featuring The Stoutest Pike, wizards, a dragon and The Very Imp. There are original songs, terrible jokes and touches of simple magic, that we hope will make for a spellbinding, action packed hour of entertainment for the whole family

The Curious Case of the Ugglie Wump and Other Mysterious Monsters

I heard that the Ugglie Wump is ten feet tall, with a beard of spiders and only one leg and a horn the size of Paris and a stare that will turn milk into ice cream, which isn't so bad but it is bogey flavoured and sticky as tar. I heard that the Ugglie Wump can eat ten cabbages at once and fifteen fish fingers and twenty tomatoes and a handful of worms and a bucketful of donkey hair. I heard the Ugglie Wump can sing beautiful arias and can paint incredible pictures and write exciting stories. I heard that the Ugglie Wump looks like your gran, I heard that the Ugglie Wump is your Mum... Join the children of Wonky Bracket as they go on a hunt to discover the truth about the monsters that surround their mysterious village. Will they discover the truth or will they meet a sticky end?

Kipling's Just So Stories

A group of children have taken shelter from an un-named catastrophe and have taken Kipling’s much-loved stories as a source of inspiration for their new social system. This brand new show features all of NYT’s trademark comic timing, original live music and touches of simple magic.

Gogol's The Portrait

Gogol’s 1835 short story is a morality tale in two parts. Part one being the story of impoverished artist Chartkov, who happens to purchase a disquieting portrait, from which he chooses to become rich, rather than struggle to perfect his art.

Part two tells the story of the mysterious Moneylender, depicted in Chartkov’s portrait and the strange terms of his loans, which always end with his debtors’ miserable end.

Cautionary Tales

Set in a new government department at the turn of the twentieth century, three men are on a crusade to lead the Ministry for the Correction of Young Oiks to great success.

The plan is simple – take the blighters off the streets, terrify them into changing their ways, and set them up with responsible jobs - they do this by telling stories relevant to their conditions.  In this, we hear of Jim, who ran away from his nurse and was eaten by a lion, Matilda, who told lies and was burned to death and Henry King, who chewed bits of string and was early cut off in dreadful agonies, as well as other favourite stories from Belloc’s classic collection.

This production has been particularly inspired by Edward Gorey’s “re-discovered” edition of these tales, it also featured a brand new story devised by the company.

The Lost Letters of Mr Corrigan 

A lonely clerk sits, surrounded by piles of the letters and parcels that never completed their journies.

Alone he sorts through the crossed wires and lost hopes, trying to find a link back to the sender and, just occasionally, the intended recipient."


"This young troupe of performers have produced a wonderful show.The sizeable cast all deliver committed and skilled performances with professionalism, energy and exuberant dedication. This one of the best pieces of youth theatre I have seen."

NYT return with their trademark style of bright ensemble theatre. following a string of four and five star reviews from previous visits to the Edinburgh Festival.

The Wind Tamer

The magical story of a little boy who faces his fears.


The Wind Tamer is an imaginative new production by NYT. The ensemble sines in this dynamic and well-choreographed piece."

Just So 

Kiplings enchanting tales brought to life with magic, music and laughter. 

Hope Springs - Edinburgh