The Lost Letters

Thank you to Ben Prout, writing for the Newbury Weekly News today. We are humbled by your very kind words:

Newbury Weekly News

“Newbury Youth Theatre delivers a tight, packaged performance that connects stories of misplaced correspondence with the reality that we live in. The 18 strong cast, with ages ranging from 12 to 17, file onstage to the moody tones of a guitar while Corrigan, our hero of few words, rummages stealthily through way-layed letters. It’s these stories that provide the narrative for the show, in characteristic NYT fashion we are invited along a winding path of bureaucratic angels, basement scammers and many more colourful characters. The cast are clothed in long brown jackets, emblazoned with shipping terms: “Fragile, Do Not Bend, Small Package”. These jackets become at once post office uniforms, overcoats in no-man’s-land or a cat’s fur. The set is minimal, with the ensemble weaving between stacks of cardboard boxes, but everything has its place. The ensemble work is unsurprisingly beautiful as we meet a father on the front of WW1, fashioning fantasy out of the horrors he sees, so as not to frighten his daughter back home. In a sequence reminiscent of Les Enfants Terribles or early Tolkien, the trench becomes a ‘Loathly Wyrm’ who prophetically proclaims,

“I am the leviathan, I turn the world…My fight is with what fathers want, they fight to be more than they are.” Time and time again, the writing and direction provided by Amy and Tony Trigwell-Jones as well as Robin Strapp, coupled with the devised nature of the show makes for moments of genuine beauty and thoughtful commentary. Three islanders attempt separated romances while a boy sings of loneliness. A young girl begs the tooth fairy for some money to help her struggling mum during a living crisis, an ever changing mass of faces yells that,

“We win when all life is important, when lives take precedence over self preservation…Fear and division feed the dragon.” And amongst the cacophony of strewn envelopes, tides of mewling cats and hazes of bubbles, emerge stories of hope, love and mischief. The Lost Letters is a potent mix of charm, sincerity and playfulness, storytelling masterfully and sensitively done. Watch out Edinburgh Fringe!”

Our brand new, devised, family comedy previews at Arlington Arts, Newbury on Saturday 23 July before touring to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

This magical portmanteau production features modern fables of love, loss and industrial action – all taken in our trademark playful, ensemble style.

Effie wants to help her Dad kill a dragon; David is running a scam to help cover the cost of his Nan’s cats; Sage solves a dispute in heaven; and some love island lonely hearts are marooned.

It’s up to the staff in the mailroom to reunite, resolve and restore – even though it’s against the rules.

Tickets to the preview at Arlington Arts are available here

We are performing at The Quaker Meeting House in Edinburgh Monday 6 – Saturday 13 August. Tickets are available here

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