September 2021

We are delighted to announce that we are returning to Arlington Arts in September 2021! The global pandemic has permeated all aspects of our lives, and the arts and cultural sectors have been particularly badly hit. Not only could live performances not take place, but rehearsals also have proved to next to impossible. Initially, we worked on Zoom in short sessions but we decided that … Continue reading September 2021

The Wizard of Winterbourne 2019

We returned with a brand new show based on the “true” stories of Wizard John Palmer, which we found in a local history book. Much of what you see is true, some of it you couldn’t make up, but we’ve given a go anyway! There’s an exorcism, some scams, the silencing of bells and much de-breeching! SGFringe Review (4 Stars) “Newbury Youth Theatre have done … Continue reading The Wizard of Winterbourne 2019

The Glorious Invention of Emmanuel Stork 2017

Following a number of successes working with adaptations and scripts, we realised that we hadn’t devised a production from scratch since The Lost Letters of Mr Corrigan in 2009. So with that, and copy deadlines looming, we put forward a title and some copy that would read well but be generic enough for us to get away with, more or less anything. Our only rule … Continue reading The Glorious Invention of Emmanuel Stork 2017

Fairies and Dragons of the Desolate Plain 2016

In late 2015 we realised that it had been over a decade since we had tackled a fully scripted play. Inspired by the story of The Cottingley Fairies and by letters from soldiers to their children during WW1, we decided to write a piece that brought together the wide-eyed hopefulness of youth and the horrors of trench warfare. The result was, luckily widely praised by … Continue reading Fairies and Dragons of the Desolate Plain 2016

Cautionary Tales 2015

In 2015 we returned to Hilaire Belloc’s deliciously dark morality stories for children. There’s something about the irreverent playfulness, rhyming couplets and grisly death sequences that draws children in. In order to keep this production separate from our previous version, we tackled some different tales from the collection and even devised our own one! Cast: Tom Hazelden, Jake Mawson, Abi Quaintance, Katie Gale,  Lydia Schofield, … Continue reading Cautionary Tales 2015

The Bee Man of Orn 2014

We found a copy of Frank R. Stockton’s beautiful story in the Children’s section of the library. There was something about the philosophical tale, in conjunction with the magical illustrations by PJ Lynch, that was truly captivating. We felt that, although a children’s story, it didn’t patronise or speak down to its audience. The result was tremendous fun to put together and perform, incorporating the … Continue reading The Bee Man of Orn 2014

The Curious Case of the Ugglie Wump and Other Mysterious Monsters 2013

Four years had passed since we had last devised a play, as a company from scratch, so we decided to return to this style of original storytelling. Inspired by Edward Gorey’s alphabets and John Kenn Mortensen’s Sticky Monsters, we became interested by the fears that adults have for their children being alone in the world. The result was a strange compilation of children encountering (real … Continue reading The Curious Case of the Ugglie Wump and Other Mysterious Monsters 2013